digiweek M&A

14. Juni 2021 um 9:30 – 18. Juni 2021 um 17:00
M&A Review
Stefan Schneider

Welcome to digiweek M&A, which will be held for the first time this year in digital format from 14 to 18 June. The target group is all M&A professionals interested in tools and solutions to facilitate the M&A process.

The digiweek M&A is organized by M&A Media Services GmbH together with the content partners M&A REVIEW, German Association for Mergers & Acquisitions e.V. (BM&A), Fusions & Acquisitions and M&A REVIEW EUROPE.

Together we will provide many different insights into the M&A process, be it from the perspective of investors such as corporates or private equity firms or consultants and solution providers.  In this way, the exchange that has already been started by different process participants in this field, such as BM&A in particular, will be further stimulated.

 Many challenges in the process can already be solved today with the help of appropriate IT tools & solutions. So for 5 days – that is the plan – we will look at M&A tools & solutions from different angles.

Tools & solutions for the strategy phase (Day 1 – e.g. target screening / deal sourcing), for transaction phase (Day 2 – e.g. due diligence, VDR, smart contracting), for carve-out and PMI (Day 3 – e.g. process management, IT integration/separation), for covering cyber risks and data protection (Day 4 – e.g. outside-in analysis tools, cyber risk insurance) and tools & solutions that are currently developing / establishing themselves on the market (Day 5 – Start up / Venture Day).

And the good thing is that we could also make this content available to the interested M&A community at later dates.

The first feedback I have received is very encouraging that this approach can have a significant impact. If successful, we plan to establish this event as a permanent fixture in the annual calendar of M&A professionals.

We will keep you informed about updates in the current program planning!

This online conference will be held with the support of zoom and/or the embedded live streaming service of M&A Media Services GmbH. The online conference will be recorded and will probably be available later on the websites of the organizer. By participating in the event, the participant accepts the general terms and conditions of the organizer.

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